HC Personal Training in Macclesfield and surrounding areas of Cheshire


I am a Personal Trainer based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and specialize in Management of Low Back Pain and Exercise Referral Patients who contact me either through self-referral or via GP referral/ Physiotherapist or other registered Therapists.  Lower Back Pain Management is currently one of the highest qualification that a Trainer can achieve in the UK. I love being active and promoting a healthy balance in fitness and nutrition for life. Becoming your Personal Trainer doesn’t have to mean that it will be necessary for you to join a gym or to buy some extra equipment. Together we can design a fitness routine for you that will keep you motivated, stays enjoyable and delivers results at home or any other convenient location.

Get fit and healthy during 2022 with a personalised approach to your fitness level.  Please get in touch with me today to book your consultation/taster session and feel more positive and in control as you start improving your health and fitness level along the way.

I am qualified and insured for 17 years and have expertise and qualifications in the following:

  • Lower Back Specialist Instructor Level 4
  • GP Referral Instructor Level 3
  • Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Gym Instructor Level 2

I am registered as Exercise Referral Practitioner with CIMSPA, the Chartered Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity in the UK, which gives you the peace of mind that you have chosen in me an exercise professional who continues to develop and up-date their knowledge on fitness related science and research on a yearly basis. I have been registered and certified in my profession for 16 years, prior to CIMSPA with REPs. To check my membership visit the CIMSPA website and click on “Search” after filling in my name, Heike Chapman, and my membership number R0025844.

If you prefer, contact me so we can discuss your requirements and I can answer any questions you may have, with no obligation for you to take up my services.