What some of my clients say about me


I have been training with Heike for 5 years, I did loads of research and Heike’s qualifications and experience stood out from the crowd. I have never looked back and we train twice a week, she has not only helped me stay fit and healthy but the regular PT courses have certainly kept me sane throughout lock down. After 9 hours on conference calls a session completely resets me! We have managed to do the training via WhatsApp and its worked perfectly. Her shouting is less intense this way too! That’s a joke, she is patient and kind, but there is equally no messing! Heike is very in tune to the female body, energy levels at different times of the month and any injuries. She takes her role very seriously, but is motivation and gets results. Over the years we have learnt what I prefer doing ( moan less about) and what works for my body, I feel she has got the perfect balance and time fly’s, plus I get the results. In summary, Heike is a super trainer, very professional, effective and fun too!
Lisa, Leek
I was first referred to Heike by my therapist after having had complications with a hip replacement which resulted in having further surgery for revision hip replacement followed by 2 knee replacements. I must stress that as a 70+ person who has avoided physical exercise sessions and using the gym on a very ad hoc basis, apart from socialising with friends for coffee, I was not as candidate for a Personal Trainer, and had the view that a Personal Trainer was for people wanting to have fantastic figures or run marathons. How wrong I was, since working with Heike over the last couple of years I just wished I hadn’t had such a narrow minded view. Heike assessed my medical history and ability before providing a tailor made fitness program to meet my needs. Although I still have restrictive mobility my core strength and flexibility is much improved.  Heike encourages me to achieve things I would never have imagined I could achieve.  Following my knee replacements Heike encouraged me every step of the way and I can assure you it was a difficult program which at times I felt we would never get to the stage I am now. We continued our sessions via Skype throughout the lockdown, but I do look forward to getting back into our old routine at my home.  I cannot recommend Heike enough not only is she very professional she is an amazingly kind and compassionate woman .  I just wish I had met her years ago who knows I may have run marathons.
Gwen, Macclesfield
I’ve been training with Heike for almost 4 years and, without doubt, she has helped me to positively transform my lifestyle.  I am fitter and healthier now than I have ever been and have really learned to love exercise!  She encourages me to push the boundaries in a way that works for me and brings great knowledge and helpful techniques.  On top of this, she is a great person - always bringing a sense of fun and energy to the sessions and most importantly has taught me to ‘feel the burn, and embrace the burn’ :-)
Angela, Somerford
It is 2 years since I began my personal training sessions with Heike. One to one sessions have really helped to improve my overall fitness and stamina. Heike is always encouraging, accommodating and strives to make each session enjoyable with just the right amount of challenge. Her knowledge and advice have greatly boosted my self-motivation. For me, personal training sessions with Heike have been very beneficial both physically and mentally.
Joan, Macclesfield
A few years ago, after much research, I bought a Power Plate to improve my core strength and found a professional Power Plate trainer as I continually had back problems.  But she retired so I needed to find someone else.  Enter Heike.  It is now 3 years she has been training me, and more recently my wife after a back operation.  Although, for me, the Power Plate plays an important role in my training, Heike has widened the scope to cover all key muscle groups. Heike is a knowledgable and professional trainer who understands your capabilities but works to your limits.  Now I have hardly ever have any back issues and my stamina has improved considerably, and my wife is fitter and more confident than she has been for many years.
Steven, Whiteley Green
Since moving house 2 years ago, I had lost my motivation to exercise and felt completely out of shape. I only had 4 months to work at getting into shape for my sisters summer wedding where I was to be her bridesmaid. Thanks to Heike , she managed to  help, motivate and get me back into shape and inspired me to even take on a new goal of running the Manchester half marathon. I had only ever run a maximum of 10km, but somehow, she made me feel I could achieve more and with her fantastic advice, varied exercise regimes and weekly plans, I was able to achieve a very respectable time for my 1st ever half marathon. Heike was very flexible to accommodate my varied shift patterns and even on my late evening sessions, she managed to tailor our sessions to a more core strength / less intense but still beneficial work out. I would never have pushed myself in the limited time frame I'd set myself and Heike has continued to encourage and help me along my way to keeping fit. Her motto of "Fitness is a way of life" rings in my ears and she is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge, great tips on techniques I thought I had already mastered. Everyone needs a Heike session and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. You will thoroughly enjoy and feel fab with Heike's guidance.
Mrs S. Pett, Macclesfield
I was looking for a personal trainer who would help me to achieve my goals of building my upper body and core strength. Heike was a perfect support and mentor who gently encouraged me to develop at a pace that suited me. Within a relatively short time I had substantially improved my stamina and strength.
Aileen, Macclesfield
I started training with Heike as I have experienced severe lower back pain so I really needed to gain some strength in my core area. After working with Heike for 10 weeks, my strength has improved a lot in my core but legs and arms as well. She has also given me a plan which will help me so much as I struggle with motivation at times. Working with Heike has been a lot of fun and not dull and boring as I normally see exercise, so it has been a great experience and looking forward to keeping to my plan and getting even stronger. Thanks Heike!!!
Holly, Withington
From the very first time I met Heike she understood exactly what I wanted to achieve. We have worked together for the last six months and I have loved every session. Heike mixed things up to make sure it was not the same thing every time which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have now achieved my goal weight and feel more confident and focused to carry on going to the gym on my own. I have also gained a friend in Heike and I know if I need a quick spurt of motivation she will be right there ready to push me. If I could see her forever I would. Thank you so much Heike.
Niamh, Macclesfield
I have enjoyed my sessions with Heike. Her energetic enthusiasm is catching. I had let things go for too long and needed a kick start. Heike is a good motivator and understood what I would enjoy, what suited me and worked with that, pushing me just a little further each time. My sessions left me stronger and fitter which is just what I needed and now I am keeping up the good work all by myself. Thanks Heike.
Wendy, Alderley Edge
I have been working with Heike for 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed every session. On first meeting she listened carefully to my requirements and put together an interesting programme that we work on together, but is also clear and easy enough for me to carry out alone between sessions. Being a 40+ mother of two I was anxious to find someone to work with who would understand my needs, Heike is lovely and does exactly that! I am so pleased with  the progress I have made in just 6 months, Heike carries out regular assessments so progress can be measured, and constantly adjusts routines; adding new exercises and modifying others to make them harder. I am looking forward to seeing what another 6 months will bring! Thank you Heike :-)
Karen, Congleton
After losing my Mum at the start of the year I had got out of the habit of exercising and was finding it tough to get back into my old exercise routine. I was also due to get married in August and wanted to ensure I felt my very best for the big day. I figured a personal trainer would help to encourage me and that training with someone would eradicate the boredom that set in when I tried to exercise alone. I was not wrong! After the initial session I was hooked and my body felt like it had had the best workout ever - after only half an hour!!!! The sessions were intense and hard work but Heike encouraged me without it feeling like I had a task master whipping me into shape. Having someone there with you means you try that little bit harder as it is all to easy to stop too soon when working out alone. If I could keep going to Heike forever - I would do. The sessions are professional and focussed but she somehow also manages to find ways to get you chatting and relaxed so that they fly by and you don't realise quite how hard you have been working out - until the next day when you try walking up the stairs! She showed me where I had been going wrong in my own workouts and introduced me to such a variety of exercises that there is no way I will get bored again. By my Wedding day I was toned, fitter than I have ever been, confident and very happy. Thank you Heike for the last 12 weeks and I'll be knocking on your door as soon as I have my first lot of baby weight to shift!
Anne, Macclesfield
We needed to improve our fitness levels to counter medical problems we both were both experiencing. Like everyone else we had tried and failed a number of exercise programmes over the years. Having had poor experiences of gyms and the support delivered by their staff, we felt we needed something which was tailored towards us and which we could fit into our busy lives. Heike was really friendly and immediately made us feel relaxed. She assessed our fitness levels, and started us on a gentle programme of walking and core stability exercises as well as helping us address our diets with sensible nutritional information. As our fitness levels improved we looked for a goal which we could work towards and decided on the completion of a five mile run. Having never run before we started a short programme which quickly had us running for around 30 minutes within only 8 weeks. We completed the Alsager 5 road race in around 1 hour, a huge achievement for us both. Heike was a fantastic support, motivating us to keep training with regular phone calls and emails when we couldn't meet up. She has worked hard to find a programme which we can fit into our lives and which is enjoyable. It has been amazing to see how quickly our fitness levels have developed, as well as seeing increases to our energy levels and general health.
Zoe and Dave, Kidsgrove
Rory and I after injury and pregnancy number 2 respectively wanted to find an exercise solution to suit both our needs that would also fit into a hectic work schedule and the demands of bringing up a small family. Heike provided that solution in a flexible way coming to our home and providing us with tailored training schedules suitable for our individual requirements. Our background to exercise/sport was very different and we were unsure as to whether we would be able to undertake a joint training programme. Heike has proved that we can and we would highly recommend others try it!
Anna and Rory, Macclesfield
Having a personal trainer was not something I'd given much thought prior to having a baby. In the months that followed giving birth, I was anxious to get back into my old gym and exercise routine but found that actually getting to the gym was not as easy as it once was since I had a young child. Heike was a God send! Being able to set up training times that were convenient and flexible was great. I didn't have to leave home to get the workout I wanted, she came to me and was always understanding when our training times had to be rearranged. Heike was very thorough, the first couple of visits she took time to explain what we would be doing, that I was eating the right things, getting enough fluids and so on. She also did routine fitness assessments which were brilliant ways to measure any progress I was making and to see what needed improvement. I have found the training very beneficial as it has helped me gain my fitness level and has been a wonderful stress alleviator. Many thanks to Heike who always made the workouts challenging, at the same time being encouraging and fun.
Gilda Smith-Leigh, Leeds
After having my first baby I was aware that my body was now a slightly different shape and not in a particularly flattering way! I was attracted to the idea of using Heikes' experience and tuition to both reshape myself back to my original shape and weight, but also to increase my overall level of fitness. I had not really done any formal exercise prior to my pregnancy, so was not really sure what to expect in terms of both my discipline and my ability to exercise! My job in a garden centre had kept me constantly moving, but that's very different to having the tuition of someone who knows what they are talking about. I was attracted to the idea of exercising in a home environment, as this was both more relaxing and also more encouraging than a gym with loads of fit people around me. Heike was very good at adapting the style and amount of exercise to suit my needs and ability to fit them in around looking after my baby. She also kept it all very interesting by varying the type of movements and by explaining how the exercise was helping me. It was also encouraging to see my steady increase in progress as the number of repetitions crept up. I definitely found the sessions with Heike very enjoyable and I have to admit that I made better progress when she was actually there to help me to do the positions correctly and encourage me to go that little bit further. I would definitely recommend using Heikes' guidance and expertise and would like to thank her for all her help.
Julia Larson, Leeds
Re: Nutrition and Weight Management Course I had the privilege of doing the course with Mrs Heike Chapman, for a period of 12 weeks. I very much enjoyed the course as it had sensible and achievable goals. I am not much of a diet believer as they are difficult to maintain for a long time (I have dieted twice in my life and each time I only lasted less than 3 weeks!!!). With the course I have just done, I needed to lose some weight and keep it off as I wanted to look fabulous in my wedding dress, what was more important was to lose some weight while I get fit and firmer. As a doctor, the course helped me have a good healthy diet which fitted very well with a busy and on the go lifestyle, but also helped get more organised by encouraging me to fit in an exercise regime. As a result, not only was I able to lose some weight in a reasonable way and slowly but it helped me get motivated and have regular exercise which is now very much part of my lifestyle. It worked for me because it was a change of lifestyle rather than just starving me to lose weight. The most valuable feature was Mrs Chapman who was very encouraging especially in the first few weeks when it was difficult to convince to fit some regular routine in my heavy schedule. She remained very patient and persistent and yet not intrusive, she did not insist on any particular method but helped work around my schedule in many ways. The regime was tailored to my lifestyle and that's why I believed it worked. Mrs Chapman was very understanding and saw me through the whole course even if it ended up taking 12 weeks instead of 8 weeks. In the end, not only did I look great on my wedding, but I also feel great and the exercise and healthy eating keep me fit and a healthy weight is easy to maintain. I would definitely recommend the course, but I believe having a great and patient trainer helps mostly.
Dr. Sonia Kabwa, Leeds