Tips to keep motivated to stay active during winter

Dear all,

Here are just a few tips to help you stay active during winter, as of next week temperatures should drop and you might start struggling with your usual activity routine…

  • Remember exercise is your “me time”  : Think it’s a time for yourself to look after your body. If you are only starting out in getting more active the gains will be greater 😉
  • Exercise with others: Join a group activity even if you haven’t done it before. Doing a regular activity with an exercise buddy – what is not enjoyable about that!
  • Enjoy nature and scenery: Join walking groups, such as Nordic walking. Connect with nature – even if the weather is not that nice, someone’s counting on you to turn up 😉
  • Wear the right clothing: As it is getting colder be fully equipped wearing layers! Also wear trainers with a good grip.
  • Change of mind: If the thought of going out and being active is still too much… well consider doing something indoors at home. There is plenty of online workouts available for all fitness levels, choose one and have fun!
  • Set small and achievable goals: It doesn’t have to be a big challenge to motivate you, such as a race or an event. May be plan a short brisk walk during your lunch break for a month or do one workout video per week.
  • Reward yourself:  Positive rewards are an important part of building new habits. Once you have put in the effort through exercise treat yourself to something you like!
  • It’s OK to stop: Sometimes exercising in the winter can feel harder. It is OK to take a break from your usual yearly workout routine and to take it easy! Just have another go when you’ re ready.

Hope this helps…Keep moving


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