Nutrition and weight management

Nutrition and Weight Management 
These days their are many confusing messages appearing in the media on TV or the internet and various dieting magazines about so called “healthy diets and weight loss”.  I update my nutritional knowledge with regular nutrition courses based on the latest scientific evidences to help people to de-clutter their brain from wrongly informed and misguided ideas and practises. If you either want to achieve weight loss or weight gain or simple keep your weight as it is, I can offer advice to help you gain a more balanced nutrition intake and lifestyle.  I don’t offer any specific menus or recipes that you will have to follow.  Nor do you have to buy any specific brands of food or drink. It’s all about understanding about different food groups, understanding labels when doing your weekly food shopping and to buy smart, learning to balance your nutritional intake and holding you accountable of what has been set as a goal if weight loss or weight gain is required.

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