What a personal trainer does on holiday

I am often asked what did I do on holiday. Obviously most people think since I am a personal trainer, surely I will be doing my exercises!

I recently came back from Spain, and I thought I share these rare pictures with you, of me doing exercises on Marbella’s promenade. I couldn’t believe it when I saw those exercise machines and I had to get busy with them. (at first sight I thought it was a children’s play area)

This is me on a squat machine. Appropriately dressed with mini dress and flip flops.


This is my sister on a cross trainer. Poor thing, I pushed her to the limit of a whole 1 minute. 🙂


This is good for my shoulder joints.


And finally, I had to work my waist line.


Apart from this, I am sorry to say that I did not do any workout. My diet consisted of two/three ice creams per day, a couple of very nice BBQs, plenty of water and the lovely San Miguel. After all, I am only human. 🙂

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