Something to look forward to during Autumn and Winter

Hello everyone,

it’s now official..autumn has started and for those of you who are doing their running training, especially after work, and yes, it is getting dark again, well brace yourselves, because the weather won’t get any better. 🙂 But with some achievable and realistic goals that lie ahead of you it will be a time of year that will pass quickly and your enjoyment will be to reach those goals.

For those of you who prefer to stay indoors, no problem, keep up with your individual workouts too, there is no such thing as “hibernation” amongst human beings, apart from changing our cooking styles from fresh salads and BBQs to casseroles and hot pots 🙂

Unfortunately, the time has run out on the Special Offer that was still on until the end of last month. And to those of you who purchased the offer a “big thank you” and “have lots of fun” with all those workout sessions. For those who missed out on the Special Offer this time, don’t worry it will be back soon.

I will try and post more info, when finding the time…please come back and check out up to date information on anything that has to do with fitness related issues, i.e. latest research on sports science or nutrition etc.

Bye for now, and keep it up,

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