My tip for this month of October

Autumn and Winter time is upon us, and we are slowly getting used to fewer hours of daylight and more hours of darkness. You might start to think there is no point of healthy eating because at this time of year it usually means for many people to start eating tonnes of chocolates and biscuits and the arrival of Christmas and New Year celebrations will not help to keep track of what you are eating either. Not to mention all those “pre-Christmas” parties with work colleagues or friends.

However, I feel it is now exactly the right time of year to take your time and develop healthy eating habits by following these four easy steps:

1.   You should make sure that all of your senses are engaged. This applies even if you are eating alone. Set up a nice place setting. You can light a candle, have soft music going in the background and even dim the lights. Think about the experience as you are eating. Take in the aroma of your meal, the special taste of the seasonings that you used and the deep colors of your tasty meal.
2.    Put away all of those distractions. Whatever is fighting for your attention during your meal, turn it off or put it away. Shut off the TV and mobile phone. Put away the book you are reading and put aside the newspaper.
3.   Take your time and enjoy each and every bite. You can cut the larger pieces into smaller ones. Chew each bit thoroughly so you can savor each one. Make healthy eating habits enjoyable.
4.   Slow down your meal and take your time. It takes about fifteen minutes for the signal to reach your brain that you are full. Eating at a leisurely pace is most essential. Even put your fork down in-between each bite. Sip your water often.

I hope these four steps will help you to achieve healthy eating habits and make eating more enjoyable in itself. You will be surprised that this will help you to eat only as much as your body needs and not to overeat. The best way to lose weight fast is to develop good eating habits and also to start an exercise program.

Now, what are you waiting for, start putting it into practise and reap the results of losing weight and getting healthier.
All the best,

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