Madonna’s obsessively toned arms

When I saw Madonna’s picture in the newspaper, I thought at first that it was just a very unfortunate photograph, or may be someone has air brushed some Popeye arms onto the rest of her upper body.


Apparently, Madonna is working out 4 hours per day, six days per week. Of course, she is in a fortunate enough position to be able to do so. i.e. has cleaners and cooks to take care of her day to day household chores, whilst we mere mortals have to do it ourselves, doesn’t have a job from 9 to 5, etc..

I just would like to stress, so that us “normal people” don’t feel bad about ourselves, that her routine is coming very close to that of a full time athlete.

To be healthy and stay fit, it is enough to do 30 minutes of walking per day (you don’t even have to do a power walk uphill) and to do 2-3 times per week muscular strength/endurance training, which can be different things. For instance, pilates, yoga, fitball, free weights, weight machines in the gym, resistance band training etc…

All of the above will also provide you, combined with a healthy balanced diet, a body that is in very good shape.

3 Comments for : Madonna’s obsessively toned arms

    • steve
    • 14th August 2009

    She looks so wrong if you ask me

    • slimmer
    • 23rd September 2010

    I think madonna well over does it and is starting to look mannish

    • mark
    • 16th October 2010

    i think madonna looks ok to be honest for her age – at least she is trying to keep in shape!

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