Eight glasses of water myth

Just came across this article published in the Guardian Online.  Apparently, one Glaswegian GP wrote in the BMJ that there is not enough scientific evidence that we all should be drinking at least “eight glasses of water” per day.

See link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/jul/13/myth-eight-glasses-water-day

Personally I think it is better for your body to be hydrated than de-hydrated, and therefore, I am making sure that I drink plenty of tap water during the day.  However, I don’t count how many glasses I drink, but I go according to the colour of my urine or whenever I feel thirsty.  So, some days I might drink more than on other days, depending on what I am doing physically and how hot/cold it is outside.

I suppose it shows that sometimes or shall I say most of the times, we like to make a fuss about “nothing”.

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