Zoe and Dave, Kidsgrove

We needed to improve our fitness levels to counter medical problems we both were both experiencing. Like everyone else we had tried and failed a number of exercise programmes over the years. Having had poor experiences of gyms and the support delivered by their staff, we felt we needed something which was tailored towards us and which we could fit into our busy lives.

Heike was really friendly and immediately made us feel relaxed. She assessed our fitness levels, and started us on a gentle programme of walking and core stability exercises as well as helping us address our diets with sensible nutritional information.

As our fitness levels improved we looked for a goal which we could work towards and decided on the completion of a five mile run. Having never run before we started a short programme which quickly had us running for around 30 minutes within only 8 weeks. We completed the Alsager 5 road race in around 1 hour, a huge achievement for us both.

Heike was a fantastic support, motivating us to keep training with regular phone calls and emails when we couldn’t meet up. She has worked hard to find a programme which we can fit into our lives and which is enjoyable. It has been amazing to see how quickly our fitness levels have developed, as well as seeing increases to our energy levels and general health.