Julia Larson, Leeds

After having my first baby I was aware that my body was now a slightly different shape and not in a particularly flattering way! I was attracted to the idea of using Heikes’ experience and tuition to both reshape myself back to my original shape and weight, but also to increase my overall level of fitness. I had not really done any formal exercise prior to my pregnancy, so was not really sure what to expect in terms of both my discipline and my ability to exercise! My job in a garden centre had kept me constantly moving, but that’s very different to having the tuition of someone who knows what they are talking about. I was attracted to the idea of exercising in a home environment, as this was both more relaxing and also more encouraging than a gym with loads of fit people around me. Heike was very good at adapting the style and amount of exercise to suit my needs and ability to fit them in around looking after my baby. She also kept it all very interesting by varying the type of movements and by explaining how the exercise was helping me. It was also encouraging to see my steady increase in progress as the number of repetitions crept up. I definitely found the sessions with Heike very enjoyable and I have to admit that I made better progress when she was actually there to help me to do the positions correctly and encourage me to go that little bit further. I would definitely recommend using Heikes’ guidance and expertise and would like to thank her for all her help.