Gilda Smith-Leigh, Leeds

Having a personal trainer was not something I’d given much thought prior to having a baby. In the months that followed giving birth, I was anxious to get back into my old gym and exercise routine but found that actually getting to the gym was not as easy as it once was since I had a young child. Heike was a God send! Being able to set up training times that were convenient and flexible was great. I didn’t have to leave home to get the workout I wanted, she came to me and was always understanding when our training times had to be rearranged. Heike was very thorough, the first couple of visits she took time to explain what we would be doing, that I was eating the right things, getting enough fluids and so on. She also did routine fitness assessments which were brilliant ways to measure any progress I was making and to see what needed improvement. I have found the training very beneficial as it has helped me gain my fitness level and has been a wonderful stress alleviator. Many thanks to Heike who always made the workouts challenging, at the same time being encouraging and fun.