Dr. Sonia Kabwa, Leeds

Re: Nutrition and Weight Management Course

I had the privilege of doing the course with Mrs Heike Chapman, for a period of 12 weeks.

I very much enjoyed the course as it had sensible and achievable goals. I am not much of a diet believer as they are difficult to maintain for a long time (I have dieted twice in my life and each time I only lasted less than 3 weeks!!!). With the course I have just done, I needed to lose some weight and keep it off as I wanted to look fabulous in my wedding dress, what was more important was to lose some weight while I get fit and firmer.

As a doctor, the course helped me have a good healthy diet which fitted very well with a busy and on the go lifestyle, but also helped get more organised by encouraging me to fit in an exercise regime. As a result, not only was I able to lose some weight in a reasonable way and slowly but it helped me get motivated and have regular exercise which is now very much part of my lifestyle.

It worked for me because it was a change of lifestyle rather than just starving me to lose weight. The most valuable feature was Mrs Chapman who was very encouraging especially in the first few weeks when it was difficult to convince to fit some regular routine in my heavy schedule. She remained very patient and persistent and yet not intrusive, she did not insist on any particular method but helped work around my schedule in many ways. The regime was tailored to my lifestyle and that’s why I believed it worked. Mrs Chapman was very understanding and saw me through the whole course even if it ended up taking 12 weeks instead of 8 weeks.

In the end, not only did I look great on my wedding, but I also feel great and the exercise and healthy eating keep me fit and a healthy weight is easy to maintain. I would definitely recommend the course, but I believe having a great and patient trainer helps mostly.