Anne, Macclesfield

After losing my Mum at the start of the year I had got out of the habit of exercising and was finding it tough to get back into my old exercise routine. I was also due to get married in August and wanted to ensure I felt my very best for the big day. I figured a personal trainer would help to encourage me and that training with someone would eradicate the boredom that set in when I tried to exercise alone. I was not wrong!

After the initial session I was hooked and my body felt like it had had the best workout ever – after only half an hour!!!! The sessions were intense and hard work but Heike encouraged me without it feeling like I had a task master whipping me into shape. Having someone there with you means you try that little bit harder as it is all to easy to stop too soon when working out alone.

If I could keep going to Heike forever – I would do. The sessions are professional and focussed but she somehow also manages to find ways to get you chatting and relaxed so that they fly by and you don’t realise quite how hard you have been working out – until the next day when you try walking up the stairs! She showed me where I had been going wrong in my own workouts and introduced me to such a variety of exercises that there is no way I will get bored again.

By my Wedding day I was toned, fitter than I have ever been, confident and very happy. Thank you Heike for the last 12 weeks and I’ll be knocking on your door as soon as I have my first lot of baby weight to shift!