Getting started

Consultation/ Health Assessment/ Taster Session

In your 60 minutes consultation I am able to find out about yourself in detail, your health and fitness history.  You in turn can find out about me and what I can offer you. We then might progress into a little taster session, so that you are able to perform a few exercises that I think will be beneficial for you.  It is very important to be clear from the start what you would like to achieve from a personalised fitness plan and whether this is a realistic, safe and healthy goal.

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Fitness Test

Don’t worry, this is optional and it is all about gathering information where your current fitness level is,  or to have a guideline throughout the training to realise your progress.

The tests are all safe, sub maximal testing in the following:

  • Muscular strength and endurance test
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Test
  • Flexibility Test

All of these tests above depend on each individual health and fitness level and what goal you would like to achieve.

Creating your personalised training plan

After gathering all the above informations and details we will be able to create a personalised training plan for you.  This depends entirely on the fitness goal that you want to achieve in either cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength or flexibility.